OK Where do I start?

Awesome news! BurgerFuel are getting on board by agreeing to have their own official robot. I’m yet to build it. They will send me a heap of stickers to cover the bot. They will name it and each time we use it we will promo BurgerFuel. http://www.burgerfuel.com/nz

We will be doing an exhibition match at the final Te Puke Market and Jubilee Park in Te Puke. Looking forward to this. Might buy a megaphone.  Te Puke Market event on Facebook.

The Stupid Robot Fighting League Tour of Te Puke is well under way. Thanks so much to Carl for his enthusiasm and support in giving up his time for something so ridiculous. Check out our blooper video here.

Again, thanks so much for supporting me in the beginnings of what may be something big. We will only find out if it is buy giving it a good shot.