We have had the bulk of our viewers from Reddit and most of them come from from r/theocho.

This was where the first big spike in our traffic for our YouTube channel came from.

The Ocho is an alternative sports sharing and discussion subreddit. It’s always interesting to discover new sports and some of them are way out there just like SRFL.

I proposed that anyone interested from The Ocho subreddit, the idea of them building The Ocho’s official Stupid Robot. Nobody said “no… don’t do it!” so I figured that it was worth seeing how we go.

So to strike while the iron is hot, here is the first part of the Stupid to vote on. The head.

So lets start from the top left and work down to the bottom right.

Top left: Blue rear end from a child’s ride on car. Very light but a bit flimsy.

Middle top: A plastic boxed speaker.

Top right: Dyson vacuum cleaner head.

Second row down:

Left: A thick plastic container that was from a child’s shopping cart. Quite thick.

Middle: A bench top oven: Quite light for what it is. Will have to take the glass off.

Right: Watering bucket/can. Totally Wizard of Oz man!

Bottom row:

Left: Toaster. Already use with another Stupid Robot but there it is.

Middle: Dyson vacuum motor section. I’ll have to take the motor out before you would use it for a head or it will be too heavy.

OK I’ll see what the peeps think on Reddit…