You know, I was expecting great things this year but I was not expecting to have my mind blown this early in the year.

Firstly, have a listen to this interview with John Heartley from That One Sports Show podcast. I reached out to them and they loved the concept as they do a show introducing the listeners to new sports.

After the interview I had the idea to use John to do the commentary for the fights. Well he and his partner in crime Geoff Peterfy were keen. That was a mind blow.

Well I just got the audio file. It rules so much. I instructed them not to show it much love as I was sure by their talent alone it would sound fantastic. And what do you know??? It did!

I’ll be working on the video tonight and syncing their commentary with the fight. The video with no commentary is here and I will release the video with them in it tonight.

Please show That One Sports Show some SRFL love. They are hard core!!!