So I put the call out on the Reddit subreddit r/theocho for votes on a head section for The Ocho’s official Stupid Robot. Here are the results:

monsterflake-watering can
_klx-watering can
buzkie-watering can
H11ve_M11nd-watering can
WiseWordsFromBrett-speaker and ride on car back

So watering can it is. We need to think about about the neck section. Here are the choices:

1 – Dyson vacuum cleaner cap of some sort.

2 – Small circuit board.

3 – neck section of a robotic My Little Pony.

4 – Dyson accessory holder. (I think)

5 – Plastic marble maze.

6 – Metal plate from a fax machine.

7 – Tin can.

8 – PC fan.

It was great getting a response. I’m looking forward to see how this all turns out.