Stupid Robot Fighting League Explained

Buckle up, this is going to get weird…

Welcome to the description of what is the Stupid Robot Fighting League (SRFL). This may be a bit off beat, I make no apology for this fact. I find that if I make something a little strange it will attract people people that I want to be around.

If reading is not your thing, watch the video on the right. It gets to the point. If you are more nerdy, this document should float your boat.


SRFL has a passionately defended family friendly culture. We will do all we can in our power to keep it that way. It not only makes moral sense it makes business sense. As our format will attract more viewers it will give us more opportunity to advertise.


SRFL is a ridiculous idea birthed from a love of shows like Robot Wars and Junkyard Challenge. I loved the drama and tension of wrecking stuff and having to make a functioning thing in a given time limit. The one thing they both lack is accessibility. When I say this I mean something that everyday people can do. Both shows require prowess with either robotics or engineering. Not a skill that everyone has. Well what if we dumbed down the idea a bit? How about a whole lot? If you can get a sniff of the direction I’m heading, great.


SRFL is quite simply poking garbage with a stick.


To expand on this idea, SRFL is where two humanoid puppets are controlled with poles attached to their hands and feet. The controller of the Stupid Robot sits behind it pushing and pulling on the poles.


The aim is to pummel the opposing Stupid Robot eventually beheading it. A beheading is counted as a knockout.


During the fight arms and legs will start falling off. They are wired together with fairly thin wire. Because of the nature of metal fatigue eventually everything will fall off. The aim is to cause your opponent’s Stupid to do that first.


We first started with 3 rounds of two minutes per round. Our YouTube analyitics showed us that not many watchers stuck around to the end. There was not much point putting in the work with nobody watching so we cut the fights down to one round of two minutes.


If you read this far I figure you must be quite interested. You then, are the type of people I’m looking for to be part of this family fun crazy thing that is SRFL. Please get in touch. This is early in the game. Those who get in early reap the biggest rewards.


Thanks, John Espin – Creator of Stupid Robot Fighting League.