Really… where do I start? I’d better check the last blog to see where I blabbed last (please hold the line…).

So many fights, I’m still behind in my editing. TPBC Oktoberfest fight, Te Puke Markets, TVNZ 1 Seven Sharp (Live), Get Cultured fight, Weekend Sun (news paper) fight, NZMDA Fight, Featuring on Giggle TV.

I think I might be about 5 fights behind on my editing. It’s nearing up the end of the year and I have loads of fight material.

The year has been the toughest for our family but with your support and encouragement we are carrying on. Thanks so much.

So if you are wondering about each of the fights you can always check them out on YouTube.

We are making waves on the local media including a feature story on TVNZ’s Seven Sharp with Tim Wilson and Lucas De Jong. It was by far the biggest boost in the media we have had this far. Tim and Lucas went to the trouble on building their own robots and fighting them live on TV. This whole thing just made my head spin. Gratitude does not really cut if for words to explain what I think about this.

I also vlogged this…

So far I think the most destructive fight would have to be the TPBC Oktoberfest fight. As I’m writing this the video is not available but to cut a long story short, I turned up with no fighters but sent out people to collect some. What resulted was the most shrapnel collected post fight ever. About a recyclable shopping bag full. What a mess!

It was a great privileged to have Dave and Claire from fighting with SRFL. Their company has they own branded Stupid Fighting Robot called Suckalucka. Claire fought using Suckalucka and Dave used Optimus Rufis. The battle lasted the distance and who won?

The Weekend Sun newspaper sent two reporters out to us to have a fight. Like with most newbies they started really laying into each other in round two. I really appreciate them taking time out of their busy day and am blown away with the front page article they published on SRFL. Amazing!

What a year. I wonder how many times our robots have been punched in the face…

Plans for the future. Oh yes, lots of plans. Without going into detail the future looks a little like this.

Ugly Sweater Fighting, product reviews, full blown stats, carreer mode, stats, more bots, more fights, SRFL offical caravan….

Heaps to do. Gotta go!

You all rule so much.

P.S. the product reviews are going to be so much fun. I will be purchasing popular products from Amazon and reviewing them on how well they do as a Stupid Robot part.

(my first victim)