Dale vs Monique total girl battle! – Stupid Robot Fighting League

Welcome to our latest garbage breaking battle from Stupid Robot Fighting League.

Today’s battle is with Dale representing Plunket Te Puke and Monique representing Te Puke Toy Library. Both of these very special individuals have a passion for their local community and deserve to be uplifted at every opportunity.

Plunket is a charitable organization supporting young families in New Zealand. https://www.plunket.org.nz/ The Te Puke Toy Library provide toy hire to families in the Te Puke District. https://www.facebook.com/tepuketoylib…

The fight was a no holds barred slug fest and give me great hope for getting more ladies to bash out some frustrations on the Stupid Robots. Some notable events were an early knockout and and arm and a leg off on the same side.

3 rounds at 2 minutes per round.